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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaze no stigma part 3

So after watching a few episodes I have come to conclude that this action/fantasy is great for the ages of mostly 13 through 18 although the brief nudity in short scene appear only 2 times this is my report on kaze no stigma if you have any suggestions for the next anime You want me to do fell free to comment

Saturday, November 5, 2011

kaze no stigma part 2

okay what ive learned so far is Kazuma Kannagi was considered useless within his family because he could not use enjutsu, the power to control flames. When he was defeated by Ayano Kannagi, one of his very distant relatives, in a bout to decide who would wield "Enraiha", a sword that was wielded by the family heir, he was banished from the family. Four years later, he returns as a master of "Fūjutsu" , the power to control wind, and with a new name: Kazuma Yagami. Soon after his return, he is reunited with Ayano and his younger brother, Ren, who is also gifted in Enjutsu. Soon, however, Kannagi family members are killed and the murder weapon is revealed to be Fūjutsu. Now Kazuma has to fight his family to prove that he is not the murderer and follow a series of adventures with Ayano.

okay so my take on kaze no stigma is that it is a great action/fantasy because the whole story line is put together so well. I like the character Kazuma be cause of how he is the out cast yet he comes back even more powerful than before. it is a great anime for my age limit which would range from 14 to 21 although there are one or two nude scenes twords the end they are very brief

kaze no stigma

kaze no stigma is an action fantasy anime and has an age rating of 13+.
Okay so kaze no stigma is the anime i will be researching over the period of this week and i will try to get all the data ive collected posted and ready for viewing by next weekend where i will randomly pick another anime. after about a month i shall probably start up with manga but know that i might not be able to post or pick a new series every week.

starting out

hello my name is Paul and i am an anime/manga freak and for this blog im going to start watching anime or reading manga and giving my two cents for anyone who is interested in what i have to say about a series or show they might be interested and/or the anime might be appropriate for what age limit